Be A Kids Are Heroes Ambassador!!

Kids Are Heroes is looking for passionate people who would like to be a part of something world-changing. Help us grow the organization so we can reach more and more kids and families. As an ambassador you will use your talents to boost our visibility and in return you will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you are taking part in something that comes around once in a lifetime. 

See who is ON THE LIST!!

APPLY NOW!! Download and return the application today!! This is a PDF form that you can fill out, save and email to us here. Or you can also print it, fill it out and fax to 240.782.4233.

To be an ambassador we ask you for your energy and passion for our organization. We are seeking out our "true fans" so that when you speak to others about Kids Are Heroes the passion is contagious.  As an ambassador, we will ask you to help in areas where you feel you would match up best, and/or in areas where you would like to be.  Here are some ideas:

Tweet and/or update your Facebook status as often as you choose without being too obnoxious about it. On Facebook, suggest our fan page to your friends at least once a month.  If you have a fan page, select ours as one of your favorites. If you blog, consider writing about different heroes each month.  You could also write about your ambassador experiences each month.  We will add each blog post to our press box.
Help raise funds for us. Many people think all we do is raise money for the kids' charities but we have expenses as well and we are also a non-profit company.  To realize our visions, money will be a necessary commodity. We need PR people to help us land radio and TV interviews.  Of course, getting us national press wouldn't hurt either.
Add a "Kids Are Heroes Twibbon" on to your Twitter avatar. Either do it automatically through the service or we would be happy to create a custom avatar for you. Help us develop regular newsletters and get subscriptions to those newsletters.
Know any companies? Help us sell our corporate sponsorships. Speak to local groups/schools about Kids Are Heroes.
Help us develop, print and distribute marketing materials. We want to sell T-shirts, backpacks, reusable grocery bags, piggy banks, wristbands and other items.  You can help with the design and also in getting us discounts in manufacturing.
Use whatever you are good at to help us further our cause. Suggest other ideas to add to this page.

For more information contact me directly here.
To apply for ambassadorship. download the PDF form mentioned above.


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