Impact Statement

kids are heroes day
We have discovered that it is much less effective if we as adults attempt to tell our kids which projects to work on. We have also learned that their peers do have a great influence on children.

We have witnessed firsthand how acts of kindness perpetrated by one child have caused others to start a project. This effect becomes exponential as the children just getting started end up having an impact on others, and so on.
We have seen that kids who are not on our site want to be there, so they go out and take action. We have seen that kids persevere with their tasks much longer due to the influence of being on the site and also with the encouragement and validation of others when we get them together for an event. We know that the people who are being helped, whether it be because they were given books to read, or have become educated, or have been able to go to school because they don’t have to walk miles for clean water are in much more of a position to help others as they mature and also have the potential to become bigger contributors to society. As we progress we know we will be influencing key people who can indeed affect real change, win Nobel Peace Prizes, and make advanced contributions to society whether it is in the form of environment protection, animal welfare or serving people.

At the time of this writing we have more than 500 heroes from 18 countries featured on our website. As this number increases, the impact we have will also grow dramatically. Our kids often get shout-outs from children in classrooms, so we know that teachers are already using us in their curriculum. These shout-outs are coming from all over the world, even in countries where we have yet to feature a hero. As our brand is elevated we will reach more countries, our numbers will grow into the thousands if not hundreds of thousands and each and every hero will have their own ripple effect. Parents are also being influenced by these children. Instead of discouraging their children by saying that this is “stuff for adults”, as they learn from our site what kids can really do they are now empowering their children to do great things, and supporting them in the process. This also strengthens the family unit.

It is safe to say Kids Are Heroes has the potential of having a positive impact on millions of families across the globe. As we help shape compassionate leaders, there is no telling how bright the future can be for generations to come.

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